Lawn Aeration & Seeding Services
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Your lawn is one of the most important parts of your residential and commercial property and plays a major role in its value. That’s why maintaining it year-round is so important.

Lawn Aeration Services

Lawn aeration is the process that involves perforating your lawn with holes to break up the soil. This allows the soil to breathe and for water, air, and important nutrients to seep in.

Lawn aeration also breaks down any dead grass clippings so that air and moisture can better reach the grass’s roots. Aerating the lawn on your residential or commercial property is the best way to get a plush, healthy lawn. It also helps your lawn fight off disease and withstand drought conditions.

While many people try to take lawn aeration service on as a DIY project, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. We have the proper equipment and expertise you can rely on to get the job done right! Martinez Brother’s Landscaping NC provides professional aeration and seeding services to keep your Durham, North Carolina lawn looking great 365 days a year!

Best Time to Aerate Your Lawn

The best time of year to aerate your lawn depends on the type of grass you have.

It’s best to aerate your lawn during the growing season of your grass. This allows it to heal more quickly.

Cool-season grasses such as fescue and Kentucky bluegrass are best aerated in early fall or spring. Warm-season grasses like Bermuda grass and St. Augustine grass should be aerated in late spring and early summer.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

Increase Water Retention

When you aerate your lawn, it allows water to drain into the soil more effectively. This can help to save on water costs because there will be less of a need to water the lawn manually.

Efficient Fertilization

Aeration allows fertilizers to easily reach the grassroots. This leads to a healthy and plush lawn.

Removes Bumps

Since aeration helps to break up thatch, it reduces bumps on the lawn and provides for a smoother surface.

Resistance to Diseases

Aerating your lawn allows it to stay healthy and ward off any unsightly lawn diseases.

Lawn Seeding Services

Lawn seeding services are extremely beneficial for evening out your lawn in places that have thinned out. Seeding your grass typically goes hand in hand with aerating it.

Seeding in bare spots or spots that are a bit sparse during the aeration process allows new grass seeds to be planted without tearing up your lawn. The new seeds will grow grass in patchy areas to make your lawn thicker and healthier.

Benefits of Lawn Seeding


By seeding your lawn during the aeration process, you don’t have to worry about tearing up your lawn to plant new seeds. This saves time and money and produces beautiful results!

Plush Lawn

By adding fresh seeds, you’ll see a denser lawn growth pattern in your residential or commercial lawn. As the new seeds sprout and mature, they intertwine with the older grass. This results in a thicker-looking lawn.

Weed Control

By having a plush lawn, there is little room for unwanted weeds to grow and spread. As the new grass grows, it keeps weeds out. This reduces the need for weed killers and other chemicals that can harm your lawn.

Improved Resistance to Diseases and Pests

A healthier and fuller lawn can better fight off diseases and pests over a lawn that is dead or damaged.

FAQ About Lawn Aeration and Seeding

Be sure that the lawn is mowed one to two days before the aerating and seeding process. Also, mark areas that you don’t want aerated such as near irrigation systems or any invisible fences.

This depends on several factors like climate, grass type, and soil. It’s typically recommended to be overseeded every two to three years and to aerate annually. If you have areas with heavy foot traffic, you may want to aerate more frequently.

Watering your lawn is essential for maximal growth, but you don’t want to overwater it. The new seeds need time to establish themselves, which can take 2-3 weeks.

It’s best not to walk on your lawn right after aeration and seeding. It can disturb the new soil and seeds. Look to see that the grass has grown at least 3 inches before walking on newly planted areas.

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